Horse Training – How to Saddle and Bridle Your Equine

Do you want to learn how to saddle and bridle your equine? Here are some guidelines that can help you.

The bridle is a tool designed for directing the horse. It includes the bit, the attached reins, and headstall. Often considered as an essential tool, but you can actually become a great horseman without it.

Bridling your horse effectively

Bridling the equine should be uncomplicated. Loosen up the bridle before actually attempting to put it on the horse. The bridle should be put on almost effortlessly. When bridling, it is best that the equine is loose and untied. Never tie the equine solid specially if you’re still unfamiliar with the horse as it can get spooked and do something that is scary and dangerous. You want to make sure that horse has the comfort to move its head.

Always consider the reins when putting on the bridle. Laying them on your arm or equine’s neck is a great idea. Avoid stepping on the reins and get them broken or damaged. Specially if they are expensive. Always make sure that the headstall is always detangled and open. Also, double-check that all is in good working order for the headstall.

Normally, people bridle on the left side but you can do it on the right side as well. Let’s just consider the left side for now.

Take your right arm and reach over the opposite side of the horse’s neck. The left hand is used to open the bit while you grab the top of the bridle with the right hand. Come over the horse’s head with the bridle and the equine will take the bit automatically when you are holding it open correctly.

Since you have loosened the bridle, it will easily fit the equine’s head and all you have to do is to fasten things appropriately.

Saddling like an expert

Desensitization is key in saddling. The horse is not used to have something on its back at first. Therefore you need to make it used to it by repetitively putting on the saddle blanket (or saddle) on its back.

The first to put on when saddling is the saddle blanket. Place the saddle blanket on top the horse covering its withers. You can have two blankets if you prefer. Just make sure that it is properly placed.

Next is the throwing of saddle. If you are smaller in stature, throwing in the saddle can be quite a task but not impossible. Experienced or not, always make sure that cinches, girths, and leather are set and ready before throwing in the saddle.

Saddling the equine is all about momentum. It is more technique than raw strength. Throw the saddle high enough to go over the equine’s back but it should be placed gently and not slammed. Slamming can cause injury and psychological trauma to the horse. Be sure that you are aware of your movements.

Technique and practice are important factors in horsemanship. Once you get the hang of it, bridling and saddling the equine will become second nature.